Rebuilding Trust

Rebuilding Trust with Loved ones

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can cause major damage to relationships. Regardless of the specific’s, rebuilding trust is the best way to move forward. It can help everyone feel more secure and connected.

Here are our tips to rebuild trust with your loved ones after addiction recovery.

Rebuilding Trust

Focus on self-improvement

Instead of fixating on past mistakes, focusing on the recovery progress is advisable. Focusing on the recovery progress demonstrates to others a sense of wanting to become a much better person. One can focus on self by practicing meditation, eating a balanced diet, and keeping journals. These practices can certainly go a long way to restoring lost trust.

Take accountability

For one to rebuild trust from friends and relatives, it’s paramount to demonstrate accountability. Accountability can be as simple as admitting when wrong and apologising for mistakes. It also means being honest about one’s thoughts and feelings and following through on commitments. It also means establishing boundaries to protect oneself from a dangerous environment and relapse triggers.

Keeping a circle of good friends

Try to be around people who are committed to sober living can help to strengthen, resolve, and provide encouragement during difficult times. These friends can also offer motivation, real stories, and strategies for dealing with stressful situations. In addition, they can be a source of fun and companionship during social activities.

Keeping a weekly routine

A weekly routine can involve attending an online meeting or taking a nature walk. If these activities help one to relax and feel good about yourself, they can help show friends and family that a person is serious about recovery, and they are trying to improve their life. It can also help to provide structure during periods of stress or boredom, reducing the temptation to use drugs or alcohol. Online groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous can be game changers for people in recovery.

With a little patience and consistency, restoring relationships damaged by addiction is possible. The essential thing is to take things bit by bit and focus on personal growth. That way, one can eventually achieve long-lasting sobriety and healthier relationships.

How we can help

We understand that substance use recovery is a long and difficult journey. At K.I.N. Care Services, we offer a comprehensive range of services to help our clients every step along the way including helping with referrals to local community based programs.

Contact us here to learn more about how we can help you or your loved ones on the road to recovery.

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