About K.I.N Care

About Us

K.I.N (Kids in Need) Care Services (QLD) goal is for children and young people to live safely in a warm and caring home where their everyday needs are met. It is our belief that all children should feel loved, accepted, and feel a sense of belonging, not only with their immediate family, but also within their community.


K.I.N. Care Services strive to offer culturally fit services. The team members who identify as Aboriginal people have the ability and are encouraged to provide education to other contractors to ensure that all areas of our work are completed in a culturally sensitive and culturally appropriate way. This guidance and lived experience assist in the incredibly important role of caring for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children, families, and communities.

Download our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) endorsed by Reconciliation Australia below.

Our values are embedded into the word family

FOREVER. Family is built to last forever and by helping families to create stability and sustainability in their lives we are creating this future for families throughout QLD.

ACCEPTED. We believe everyone has the innate right to be accepted and feel a sense of belonging. We value and respect cultural diversity, beliefs, ideas, values and norms of the individual family.

MAKING CONNECTIONS. Supporting families to make connections with a positive support network in their community is integral to helping families through difficult times, as well as enhance their sense of belonging to a wider group of people who care for them.

IDENTITY. We value and appreciate the importance of a family’s sense of identity and it is important they are always supported to embrace a positive sense of self identity.

LOVE. All members of a family deserve the right to be loved and cared for unconditionally. This is especially true for the children and young people in a family whose sense of safety and protection is not clear and consistent.

YOU ARE IMPORTANT. K.I.N Care Services (QLD) values and respects the importance of all people involved with a family, so it’s important they know they are valued, including the many stakeholders that are involved in a family’s world in the shared vision of Child Protection.