help a family in crisis

How to Help a Family in Crisis

Unfortunately, it is highly likely that everyone will experience crisis at some point in their lives. Regardless of the impact of this crisis, it can certainly throw unexpected chaos into a family unit.

So how do you support and help a family in crisis even when they are unwilling or unable to ask for help?

Here are some things you can just do to help a family in crisis.


Offer Compassion and Empathy

Before you can really find ways to help a family practically, you need to show empathy. Empathy is putting yourself in their shoes, and compassion is the actions you do because of that feeling of empathy.

Even if you are unable to offer practical support like looking after kids or cooking meals, showing empathy can be an invaluable form of emotional support. We all tend to easily fall into offering sympathy, but during a crisis, it can feel like pity to those suffering.


Help with childcare

Offering to help with the kids could be a huge blessing to a family. This way, you will alleviate stress for the family and create room for the parents to handle other household tasks.


Help with household chores

Most times, grieving and stressed parents do not have time for regular daily chores. Helping them out in this area could be one of the best gifts you could offer. Even a gift certificate for a cleaning service is a great idea.


We all need to eat

During a crisis, finding the time or energy to feed a family can feel impossible. Rather than asking the question “let me know if you need anything”, be specific. Try “I made a lasagne for you; can I bring it over tomorrow?”


Company means a lot

Dealing with a crisis can be very lonely. While you might not be able to fully understand the situation or the emotions surrounding it, company means a lot. It lets them know are not alone, and that you care.

Family crises are happening around us all the time. A simple gesture that will not take that much time or effort might just make an enormous difference to someone right now. Just do it.


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