The Superpowers of Children with ADHD

Attention Deficient Hypertensive Disorder or ADHD is a cognitive irregularity that results in an inability to focus or respond well to cues- both social and environmental. These children require special attention to help facilitate learning and growth.

Here are some “superpowers” that people with ADHD have:

1.  New Perspective to Solving Problems

An incredible difference between people with ADHD and those without is what they define as “normal.” The brain of someone with ADHD releases more Theta waves, which help the mind relax.  It means that in the middle of a situation where everyone is panicking, the ADHD brain is at its peak performance.

This calmness and sharp presence of mind signify that people with ADHD can be extraordinary leaders in a crisis such as those in natural and artificially engineered disasters.


2.  Thinking Out of the Box

Creative solutions usually come difficult to those who are accustomed to following instructions to the dot. Obedience, especially when stuck in a situation asking for original ingenuity, can often be counterproductive.

Here is where an ADHD mind shines. At any given time, a person with ADHD, because they are so easily distracted, are thinking of multiple ways to solve the same problem. Used to thinking in a more unusual pattern, their tangled thoughts can help untangle any sticky situation they might be in better than their more neurologically orthodox peers. This, paired with the trademark ability of an ADHD to focus solely on one thing, oblivious of their surroundings, can help them come up with better solutions to the problems at hand, and faster, too.

3.  Innate Ability to Take Risks

Although people with ADHD are often dubbed to be overthinkers, it is often the more typical amongst us who get stuck in a loop of thinking too much. The fear of embarrassment and loss stops us from ever pursuing what our impulses compel us to do, sometimes even barring us from doing something good.

People with ADHD ignore their inhibitions and act on their impulses, accomplishing tasks of great bravery such as saving a kitten from a roaring truck or simply having an adventure with their friends on a spontaneous whim.

4.  Laser Focus

The ability of a person with ADHD to completely ignore their surroundings and focus on one task at hand is often looked down on as a flaw. However, when harnessed accurately, this is a superpower mere mortals can only dream of possessing.

The hyper-focus of an ADHD brain can help concentrate on a problem at hand and work at it until it’s done. The meticulous ability to give a task your cent percent attention without getting bored or frustrated is a power many of us would pay to have.

5.  Humor and Charm

How many times have you read an article on the most desirable features in a partner and see, to your surprise, humour at the top of the list? Unlikely, but true, most people are drawn towards more attractive personalities than outward appearances.

A common personality trait in many ADHD heroes is self-deprecating and inoffensive humour that can make even the grumpiest person smile. The charm and wit they exude can work like a magnet (or a superpower) at attracting people towards them.

Often misdiagnosed and associated with childhood hyperactivity, ADHD patients find it hard to adjust and thrive in an environment too inflexible to welcome them. The best way to interact with someone with ADHD is to give them the space to focus and to celebrate differences instead of alienating those who might be a little differently-abled than us.

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